Watering station for bees

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This stainless steel watering station connects to your hose for constant water supply, simply place on the ground or attach to a solid surface, connect the hose using the click on fitting that is supplied and fill with gravel or other floating material and it will always be full. 

Corrosion resistant stainless steel SS304
Automatically fills according to float level
Adjustable float mechanism
Wall mountable (bolts not included)
Hinged cover to protect float assembly
Capacity approx. 2.5L
Male garden hose type fitting
W = 270mm L = 250mm H = 100mm

Suitable to use with mains pressure or gravity feed.


We recommend gravel and filling so the gravel slopes to the top in case rain fills the bowl to the rim. 

Its a legal requirement to provide a constant water source for your bees, this will make sure you are always compliant.