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This 10 litre solid inox stainless steel press is suitable for pressing honey from honeycomb or for straining your leftover capping's after harvesting.  It's 100 % food grade very heavy duty and made in Italy. The quality inox stainless steel is of a high standard and will last a very long time.

The press is multi use and can be used to press fruit, the outer perforated ring is to catch the squirts of juice, of course honey is unlikely to squirt so it is not used when pressing comb.

This model is a best seller and used by a few bee clubs in Sydney, so you can be assured it will stand up to the test of heavy use.

Inner Basket Diameter 210mm Wide x 280 mm High 

Outer Basket Diameter 235mm x 280mm

Whole Unit 410mm Wide x 660 high

Made in Italy

 2 Year warranty 

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Carton Size 44cm X 44cm X 63cm weight 15kg