4-frame Konigin honey extractor tangential manual drive

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 We've been searching for a sturdy, well-made brand of extraction equipment for a while to compliment our range of cheaper units. When we saw Thorne in the UK was stocking these Hungarian-made Konigin units we just had to have them, because Thorne are a respected company with more than 100 years' in the industry; they even make their own extractors! So to stock a competitor's product, it must be good! 

The way tangential honey extractors work is the frames sit with the flat part of the frame facing out, supported by a mesh screen. While you do need to rotate the frames to do both sides, we've found this sort of extractor is great at extracting some of the very thick honey we get from our hives, whereas a radial extractor would just destroy the frames due to the force placed on the wax.

We used a 4-frame manual tangential extractor to harvest 100 of our hives when we first started, which is a testament to what a quality extractor can do. 

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Bee frame type 14 - 26 cm Langstroth
Honey extractor drum diameter Ø 500 mm
Honey extractor height 100 - 110 cm
Height of the honey extractor drum 650 mm
Weight 25 kg
Materials used Acid-resistant stainless steel with the symbol 0H18N9 / 1.4301
Honey extractor stand Stainless steel, height 90 cm. Stable and easy to disassemble.
Hinges for honey extractor stainless steel
Honey extractor drum 0.8mm thick, acid-proof stainless steel
Honey extractor basket Made of stainless, acid-resistant bars with a diameter of 2 mm, and the clearance between the wires on the basket structure is only 10 mm.
The bottom of the honey extractor 1mm thick, contoured cone-shaped bottom
Honey extractor lid 4mm thick, transparent polycarbonate
Honey extractor engine and drive Manual Drive
Honey extractor valve Honey gate on side of drum
Warranty 2 years
Shipment Pallet or personal collection.
Additional options on request 1. honey extractor cover: stainless steel, 2. additional stainless steel valve, 3. 12V BATTERY POWER SUPPLY - 12V CONTROLLER